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Video: Care Managers Inner Circle


Watch best-selling author, Martyn Dawes delivers Day 3 of the Care Managers Inner Circle 'book week 23-28 Aug' with Care Managers Inner Circle founder Jonathan Cunningham. In this interview, he discusses everything from running prisons to care homes in a light-hearted discussion, in which he explains the main motivation for the book and what occupies his time and thoughts. Martyn isn’t just another author but someone who has taken time to consider the challenges facing all care managers. He is funny, honest and true about his own feelings on social care life and how all care managers maybe able to avoid burn out and overwhelm. Not to be missed!

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New podcast: The snow globe effect 

In the second episode of our latest podcast series, Pia and Ali are joined by Martyn Dawes, registered manager and author, who talks about how we all have a tendency to overthink things.  

He believes that for managers in stressful situations it’s important to stop, step back and create time to reset, to avoid thoughts becoming overwhelming and wait for the answers to come. He stresses the importance of making the right decisions against making the easy decisions.   He stresses the importance of making the right decisions against making the easy decisions and how signs in a service can show what sort of manager that you are.

You can listen via our website or download it where you get your podcasts. 

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The Room Rating Tool

JAN 26, 2022

Download your Room Rating Tool

This tool looks at a variety of different options that can be used to evaluate and rate each of your rooms to help you achieve the right fee for the right room.

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