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How much does Life Coaching Cost?

Good coaching has the opportunity to change your life experience forever. How much that is worth to you depends on the results you need? It's difficult to put a price on that isn’t it.

Head to a coaches website and chances are you will NOT find any mention of prices. Lots of useful articles and videos, but is there a pricing page? Probably not.

And the reason is simple.

They think it scares people away.

You see good coaching is priceless, but CLIENTS need to attach a value to what it is worth to them. That value is often thought of as COST PER HOUR. But this would be a mistake. How can you put a price on transitioning from an existence of misery, anxiety and stress to one of joy, fulfilment and peace of mind?

It is an unfortunate truth that many coaches, especially when starting out, have no idea what to charge. It is surprisingly common for a coach to have a figure in their heads but this is in no way set. It is extremely uncomfortable for them (as they have fear and a sense of lack over pricing), and uncomfortable for the client as they sense the awkwardness of the conversation.

So how is a fee set?

There are a number of factors that will determine a coaches fee:

1. The experience or expertise of the coach

2. The specific niche you need help in

3. The length of the coaching contract

The Experience/ Expertise of the coach

A coach just starting out on their journey will often offer FREE or low cost sessions as they build their experience and hone their personal style. It is an opportunity for them to gain valuable coaching hours, and for the client to experience coaching. It is reasonable not to expect too much from the coach at this point, and this is reflected in the fee. It is a win-win for both parties, as long as expectations are not too high.

At the other end of the scale, the sky is literally the limit. Steve Hardison, known as ‘The Ultimate Coach’ charges $200,000 for 100 hours. He lives in Arizona and will not travel or video calls. Clients must visit him in person at additional cost. This does not stop people and he has a healthy list of clients, with a waiting list. Why? Because Steve gets RESULTS. Clients change in his company and his coaching is powerfully impactful.

In between these sit other coaches, and a range of fees. For a good coach I would reasonable expect to pay between £2,000 and £10,000 for a package of coaching, but fees and offerings will vary wildly.

The LENGTH of the coaching CONTRACT

When starting out many coaches charge ‘by the hour’. In my mind this is a mistake and devalues the experience. Clients want to buy RESULTS, not HOURS. It is perfectly normal for good, experienced coaches to only work in ‘packages’. For instance, at the time of writing my minimum package is 3 months. This gives both the client and I the time to embed deep learning and transform their experience of life. As I say to prospective clients, if you are having a haircut you would not leave halfway through!

The Specific Niche

There are a number of specific coaching niches. A personal fitness trainer for example generally charges by the hour averaging £30-£70. A business or executive coach will charge A LOT more.

In between their are relationship, divorce, mental wellness, or sector specific coaches. They will each charge what they think they are worth.