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If you want to lead others, you have to have somewhere to go

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

In an earlier article I introduced that, in general, most people want to be led, and whilst this is true, there is a key important factor.

They need to know where they are going.

Being an inspirational leader means that this starts with you.

Do you know where you are heading? Do you have a clear vision in your mind of what you want to achieve both personally, and with your team?

People rarely follow those that are lost.

So let’s start with a simple question:

What is your VISION for your service?

By this I mean, what is the end goal? A service that is rated Outstanding? Clients who are happy and well-cared for? Whatever it is it should be something that excites YOU, something that gets YOUR blood flowing, because if you are not fully bought in, and excited by the prospect of achieving the vision, then how will you sell it to you team?

Your team will buy into your enthusiasm and will sense if you are faking it, so get your vision right.

if you are stuck on this then think about the first day you took up your post. What were your hopes, dreams and goals then? Perhaps start there.

Martyn Dawes is a Coach, Social Care Consultant, and Author of The Overwhelmed Manager: What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

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