The Overwhelmed Manager - Tip 9

Some staff don’t like you.

There I have said it. It's out in the open and cannot be unsaid. You have seen it and now it can’t be unseen.

In Tip 6 (available on the blog page of my website) I spoke about how everyone has a different version of you and there is nothing you can do about it. Let’s take that a step further.

I have a theory about staff groups. I call it the Love/Hate Ratio and it goes something like this:

10% will think you are the best thing since sliced bread

10% will think you are an idiot and don’t have a clue what you are doing

The rest don’t really care or have an opinion about you at all.

Once we accept the basic truth in the principle, perhaps with a slight adjustment to the numbers, and realise that no matter what we do those figures will remain the same, then we free to act with INTEGRITY, HONESTY and STRENGTH.

The unfortunate fact is that wishy washy, indecisive managers who spend their time trying to keep everyone happy rarely do well.

When you stop worrying what everyone is going to think about a decision you make, it leaves you free to make the right one, even if it means upsetting people in the short term.

As a responsible manager, the decisions you make will upset someone, somewhere. It is a requirement of the role, and not a fact about you.

Tomorrow we will look at a practical application of this theory, on we all probably have nightmares over!

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