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Fee Review Template

Using the fee framework attached to this link, complete the details for each resident, home by home, (or service user, by each service). Whilst developed specifically for care homes, the same principles apply for DCA.

AWF Calculator

Many providers use Average Weekly Fee (AWF) as a Key Performance Indicator. It can be a useful indicator of the performance of your business. However I have found that many managers do not know how AWF is calculated, or understand the effect admitting a resident can have on this target. I have put together a guide and calculator you can use. This can be found by following the link here

Eisenhower Matrix

This matrix can help you prioritise tasks. It should be used in conjunction with Blog Tips 7 & 8

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Room Rating Review

Download your Room Rating Tool

This tool looks at a variety of different options that can be used to evaluate and rate each of your rooms to help you achieve the right fee for the right room.

Safeguarding Log

A simple log to tracker Safeguarding referrals and produce charts that show Themes / Trends analysis

Complaints Log

A simple log to enable you to track complaints and produces instant charts to show Themes and Trends

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Time Calculator for Managers

Enter the estimated time (in minutes) spent on each task for each role. Add in any missing tasks in the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quartely, 6 Monthly or Annually sections.                                    
At the bottom you will see the total equivalent weekly hours, per role

Dependency based staffing hours calculator

A spreadsheet to calculate staffing hours based on resident dependency

Minutes Template

Your staff meetings should contain actions carried forward, and actions arising. Any ongoing actions can be carried forward onto the next Minutes Template

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Falls Analysis Tracker

Track the falls in your home by time, place, Severity and Treatment. A report is generated an automatically updated  for you to print out for your evidence file

Wounds Analysis Tracker

Track your wounds and print out a analysis / report that is automatically generated for you

DoLs Tracker

Track your DoLs submissions

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Example Operational Weekly Report

Example Operational Weekly Report which you can amend or adjust to suit your service

Service Improvement Plan

Keep all actions from all source in one convenient place. Ready for inspection!

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